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New arrivals Hand sculpted, hand paintied Porcelain Miniatures,
New arrivals Hand sculpted, hand paintied Porcelain Miniatures,

Fine Hand Painted, sculpted Porcelain by IGMA Fellow, Exclusive to My Doll House, Inc. call for availability
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New arrivals Hand sculpted, hand paintied Porcelain Miniatures, IGMA fellow
New arrivals Hand sculpted, hand paintied Porcelain Miniatures, IGMA fellow

Exclusive to My Doll House, Inc. Hand sculpted, painted find porcelain by IGMA fellow... call for availability...
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Hand Made Bed
Hand Made Bed

Exquisite Newly discovered artisan Hand Dressed and Faux Painted  Bed One of Kind Call for pricing and availability  
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Hand Made Chairs
Hand Made Chairs

Exquisitely Hand Made Faux Painted Chairs Fabric needle point seats Call "Uncle Joe" for availability and pricing these are one a kind miniatures...
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You can ALWAYS count on My Doll House, Inc. to have the best Selection Plus...Miniatures, Dollhouses
You can ALWAYS count on My Doll House, Inc. to have the best Selection Plus...Miniatures, Dollhouses

We just returned from The Big Las Vegas Trade Show Unbelievable selection of some of the worlds finest Miniatures from many from NEW artisans. We have purchased for our Clients with discerning taste.  
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Estate Sale


10:00 a.m.

Two Estates liquidation at My Doll House, Inc.

My Doll House, Inc. Our all wood dollhouses, made of 3/8" Baltic Birch,

furniture grade plywood, guarantees years of play and all our dollhouses

are made in the fact right here in

San Antonio, Texas, by master craftsmen and craftswoman.

My Doll House, Inc. is "Uncle Joe's Dollhouse Company"

exclusive agent for all wood dollhouses made in the

U.S.A. out of real wood. Our dollhouses are California compliant for formaldehyde.

If you are in the market for a dollhouse for your "little girl" regardless of her age.

You must take a look and see the difference between the dollhouses

(made in China,Thailand or some other third world country) 

found at those "big box stores" and "on line" compare it to our

ALL wood, that are made in the U.S.A. by Americans.

Hint: look at the walls, if they are less then 3/8" thick or

NOT real wood (milled density fiberboard)

DO NOT WASTE your money or most of all your time...

on something that will be a lot of work and will not last!

It will not last or even withstand child play.

Save yourself some heartache and check with us before you BUY.

Remember this is a "life time hobby". We gladdly give FREE honest advice.

Our dollhouses are kept in families for generations.

They are guaranteed to withstand normal child play.

Of course: They may require some freshing up

or some reconditioning or renovation for you great-grandchildren.

Most importantly you will create a sense history.

This will be for your family and become a family heirloom.

That will be pasted down generation to generation.

In fact: We have had one dollhouse come back to us FOUR times for reconditioning and/or

renovations, color changes, re-wallpapering, electrification, light fixture repair or

replacement, during our 26 years in the Miniature/Dollhouse business here in the

"Heights" aka San Antonio, Texas.

Our all wood doll house construction means a lifetime of great play and learning experience

be it color selection, decorating/design, construction techniques, wallpapering, flooring

installation, electrical wiring installation and much more...

Remember, we give FREE, just ask for help before you start...It's suppose to be FUN!

Lay-Away Now for Christmas, we have had Lay-Away for 26 years,

don't you find it strange that some of those "Big-Box" stores offer

Lay-Away right before the Holidays?

Thank you for shopping local.

We now have over 1000 "Likes" on Facebook (

With over 6000 photos for you to look at and you can even buy through

Facebook. I am working on get more information on this Web-Site.

Now you will not have to go to another (out of their bedroom or closet) web

sites to find what you need for your dollhouse or miniature projects.

It will be a ONE STOP miniature store at your finger tips.

Please understand it is a work in progress.

With over 100,000 miniatures, 30 or more assembled dollhouses,

and items for you dollhouse on display.

Please be patient with me..I have and extra heavy load this season. I will get it done!

"We are..The Only Full Service Dollhouse and Miniature Shop left in Texas...

and we have been in this business for over 26 years..there must be a reason"!!!!

Visit Us Today and See Why....We strongly suggest

that you allow yourself several hours to almost see everything!


The Holidays are just around the corner...and we still offer Lay-A ways.
"We Do Miniature Estates"

call Ms. Lulu for more information! 210.930.5363

We have an immaculate and reputation and

references for getting the most for your collection.

My Doll House, Inc. is a Premiere Bespaq Dealer for over 26 years...we have made a special purchase of vintage Bespaq find miniature furniture....

View over 2000 pieces of the original and vintage Bespaq fine miniature is your chance to save up to 80% off manufacturers suggested retail prices...some items are very limited, therefore first come, first served.
All sales are final, some items are "as is" will not believe the quality of these fine
Bespaq Close-outs...
this was made possible by our own old "Uncle Joe" and the Big Management Team at My Doll House, Inc. in Alamo Heights, Texas..aka San Antonio, Texas USA...

The History: We sent our own...special buyer, old "Uncle Joe" to the West Coast a while back.
He spent three very long days at the Bespaq International Corp. warehouse. Working directly with the President/CEO of Bespaq. Our "Uncle Joe" purchased over 2000 Bespaq fine miniatures some of which had been ordered by Shops/Stores but was not paid, not shipped...with that in mind "Uncle Joe" and the Bespaq President/CEO made a deal...and old "Uncle Joe bought over 2000 minis on the spot...
All wonderful NEW Vintage and Original..Bespaq Fine Miniatures...
True Close-Outs...directly from the manufacturer - Bespaq International Corp..on the West Coast...and My Doll House, Inc. in the "Heights" can and will passing those huge Savings on to YOU!

Note: Sign up for emails above.
We promise not pester you with daily emails...or the same old cheap lost leader items, with promises of Free Shipping if you spent $100+ dollars. Those same old catalogs, with some items not available or "sold out". No huge emails cluttering up your mail some on line only venders do...

We Only Send Emails When We Have A Very Special Sale or an Estate to Liquidate....or Interesting Classes for adults and kids...

This Summer we are offering our 4th Annual "Haunted House". It's a five day class, Monday through Friday and  is one of the kids favorites. Usually in August working around your schedule. We need a minimum of five "Little Builders" bring a friend.

If you don't like or have email...please take the time to Checkout our Facebook Page for over 6000 photos of the our huge selection of assembled dollhouses, and some kits and many other items of interest to all of you that are interested in

Many of our customers have said, My Doll House, Inc. in Alamo Heights is "Like visiting a ""Dollhouse/Miniature Show"" under one roof.".....please allow yourself at least two to three hours if you want to see almost everything in our "little shop"....after 26 years in the dollhouse/miniature business we have amassed a fabulous collection of some of the very finest miniature artisans in the world...

We travel to nearly all the major wholesale and retail trade shows in the USA and Europe. Finding those very special artisans that create the absolute finest in the miniature world....sadly in limited quantity with that in mind....if you see it in our shop and like it "BUY IT"...or put it on Lay Away...surely it will not be there next time you visit...

Sincerely...."Uncle Joe" curator, janitor, dollhouse delivery guy, and more...visit us will be glad you did....

Want pictures than you must....Visit our Facebook
for many more pictures...and stories about our "Little" Shop....

Check out our:
New Exclusive Porcelain pieces and American Indian Art, by an IGMA Fellow, close friend and Native American....on our Facebook pages....



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you will be the first to receive information regarding all Sales including our many...Estate Sales and Classes...for children and it now...

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Our goal is to provide unique, high quality furniture grade plywood doll houses and miniatures at affordable prices for children as well as adult collectors.

We are a well stocked 1500 square foot retail shop with over thirty-five years experience in miniatures and doll houses. This enables us to offer our customers personalized service and information.

We offer the highest quality doll house miniatures made by nationally known artisans from the United States, Mexico and Europe. We search for new artisans so we can offer you unique doll house miniatures which are not available in other shops or web sites and we support our local artisans. We give them space in our shop to display their latest creations, Fran the Food Lady, IGMA artisan, Tillie Franklin, art director at My Doll House, Inc., is a fabulous colorist, and one the best designers of fine miniature metal pieces, Antonio Gomez, local artist, and many more...we appreciate their work and display it proudly....

Many of our clients have said, that My Doll House, Inc., (in Alamo Heights) San Antonio, Texas is a, "Doll House Miniature Show in its own". With over 100,000 doll house miniature items and the over 50 assembled doll houses, displayed in our showroom. You can see it and touch it in person.

My Doll House, Inc. is, "well worth the trip to San Antonio", but if you visit plan on spending several hours, if you want to see everything in the store....we'll see you soon.

If you need directions please email or call us at (210.930.5363) and we will be more than happy to assist you.
We answer our telephone...NO phone tree!

My Doll House, Inc. is very proud to be......
"The ONLY Full Service Doll House and Miniature Shop in Texas...for the last Twenty-Six Years!" there must be a reason for this...
Voted one of BEST dollhouse and miniature shops in the USA...come and see WHY!

So, what are you waiting for... plan on visiting us today and you will be glad you did