Miniature Porcelain, hand made, doll house size, collectible, porcelain, one of a kind, IGMA Fellow, miniature art, My Doll House, Inc. Alamo Heights, Texas

Lattice Work Porclain Egg with Tiny Roses

Lattice Work Porclain Egg with Tiny Roses0
Produced by an IGMA Fellow...
This exquisite Lattice Work
Egg with Tiny Roses
is a "one of a kind" piece of Miniature Art...found only at My Doll House, Inc.
in Alamo Heights...that's San Antonio, Texas
Must see it to believe the artistry in this piece of Miniature Art...Sold very quickly....
but we just received one very, come on by and take a look at miniature art at its finest...only at My Doll House, Inc...
Alamo Heights, Texas...aka San Antonio, Texas, USA